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Since the Lance Armstrong’s yellow “Livestrong” silicone wristband was introduced, the craze over this never outdated accessory has tremendously undeniable. As a matter of fact, silicone wristbands are widely accepted from the poorest of the poor to the richest and of the most famous class in the society. Over the years, silicone wristbands become a fashion statement wherein many designs and color combinations has evolved into a more complicated, abstract based yet eye catching and fashionable wristbands. Even customized silicone wristband wherein one is given a chance to design his own silicone wristband has become a trend.

The unending craze for silicone wristbands is very obvious in a sense that almost everyone has one or more silicone wristbands collection in their closet. Such fact shows how silicone wristbands can compliment one’s fashion statement. Most of us would want to have a collection of silicone wristbands of our favorite sports team. Official silicone wristbands of any athlete’s team may cost higher than the usual wristbands but that wouldn’t stop fanatics from buying them resulted to higher demand. Having one of the signature wristbands of our favorite team cam somehow helps us to show our support with such team. Brands like nike, okley, lacoste and many more have their own line of silicone wristbands too. These are expensive wristbands but ensure durability and can boost your personality simply wearing them.

Small or big groups also have this craze over silicone wristbands. It became one of their symbols and given to the members only. When wearing a groups’ silicone wristbands signature, some would feel safe and confident just by showing what group they belong. Even kids are going crazy over silicone wristbands, you can see them wear it everyday and show their classmates how good it fits their small arms. They won’t even allow having just one silicone wristbands because for them having more than one wristband gives them superiority among their classmates. Companies also twist their giveaways by turning flash drives wrapped by silicone wristbands.

Truly silicone wristbands have become one of the most famous apparel that created a considerable impact world wide. It allows one to express and explore his creative minds by making various designs and unique tokens out of silicone wristbands.

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