8 thoughts on “Three time Ironman Champ Craig Alexander talks about not racing Lance Armstrong”

  1. I agree with Crowie completely with regard to Lance’s situation. Probably
    the fairest and most rational analysis of the situation I’ve heard.

  2. I got to meet Crowie at the W hotel in Boston a couple weeks ago! He’s so
    nice and down to earth. A real inspiration!

  3. Probably the best most honest assessment of the Lance situation – this guy
    is class all the way.

  4. Everyone in triathlon is 100% absolutely, without a doubt clean. No
    triathlete has ever doped.

  5. “Doping is no different to me than drafting or cutting the course.” Or, in
    the sport of baseball, throwing a spitter or scuff ball or doctoring it
    with vaseline. “Cheating” is and always has been an integral, organic part
    of certain sports. Hank Aaron used ‘greenies’, as did most big leaguers and
    road racers for many decades. Most all of them.

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