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James A. Woodbury very first patented the wristband in 1866. The earliest varieties of wristbands were merely created of string loosely tied around the wrist. In the 1900s they grew to become normal for use in identifying hospital sufferers. Later on they would also incorporate affected individual info, this kind of as allergic reactions. Right now there are several kinds of wristbands for several purposes.

In the late 90s athletes grew to become wearing metallic bracelets all around their wrists. These are believed to have some healing powers. Tennis players in particular would use them and aided make them common.

Silicone bracelets arrived into prevalent attractiveness as we rolled into the new millennium. Silicone bracelets became linked with particular brings about. Lance Armstrong created yellow a popular symbol of assist for individuals who have cancer. There are also wristbands representing breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung disease, muscular dystrophy, Diabetes, poverty, kid abuse, AIDS, animal abuse, colon cancer, nature, gay pride, Epilepsy, anti-cigarette smoking, anti-drug or drug abuse, alcohol abuse and heart condition and treatment.

Wristbands can also be a way to celebrate a friendship or a unique cherished one particular in your daily life. They also be a cool enhancement to an outfit.

Kabbalah bracelets (most are manufactured of red string tied all around the wrist) had been manufactured well-known by Madonna and Britney Spears. One more sort is sweatbands, often worn around the head, but some are also worn all around the wrist.

Right now some wristbands are utilized for identification or proof that you paid at concerts or activities these kinds of as festivals, carnivals and fairs. Tyvek is a breathable kind of wristband that is permits h2o vapor to pass by way of, but they are extremely tough. Polyurethane is an additional sort of sturdy content utilized to make wristbands.

Wristbands offer some thing for everybody, from supporting your favorite cause to celebrating a friendship or romance or just just as a style accessory.

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