UCI President warns sports world

With the very hope of reviving cycling from the doping menace completely, the newly elected UCI chief Brian Cookson has warned that any sport which states it doesn’t carry similar issues is simply in denial.

The reigning World Cycling President who dethroned Mr. Pat  McQuaid last September swore that he won’t be shirking any side of the cycling past. However, he also noted that the doping troubles are prevalent in every sport today and if the authorities aren’t exposed to such a menace it implies that they haven’t tried enough.

“The very issue we’re dealing with right now is simultaneously prevalent in other sports as well. They might think it’s not the case but it is”, stated Cookson.

“I would say- to me there are two sections of sports: there are sports with doping issue & are striving hard to write it off. And I would say that cycling is one of the top leaders here. Then, there’re sports with the doping issue & they are just in denial regarding it”, Cookson added in. “There’s cheating, there’s doping in every sport- yet if you are in sport & you say that you aren’t into a doping issue, well, you are in denial. I am really scared, my friend.”

Under the new President’s leadership, UCI has come up with an independent doping investigation commission with the mission to ensure a controlled  system for the elite riders to confess their doping incidents.

The Commission would investigate the claims forwarded by defamed cycling legend Lance Armstrong & other leading cyclists. It cost UCI a whopping 3 million USD to form the probe committee. The Commission is on discussions with WADA regarding the reduction of life ban of Armstrong in case he extends full candid support during the investigations.