Armstrong Completes Chain Gang Ride

The Michigan memorial ride saw over 700 cyclists taking part in the event to complete the race that was started by the Chain Gang.

This memorial ride was supported by none other than the ace cyclist Lance Armstrong. The Chain Gang was not able to complete the ride as it ended in a tragedy. Five of the cyclists of the Chain Gang were killed and four others were hospitalized after they were hit by a pickup truck.

To complete the unfinished race of the Chain Gang and to show their support to the riders, hundreds of cyclists had gathered at Kalamazoo in Michigan to finish the race. Among them was Lance Armstrong, the greatest cyclist of all times. He had traveled to Michigan to join other riders and extend his support to the China Gang. He picked up the microphone and addressed the huge gathering of cyclists at the event.

Armstrong said that he understands that many of the people would have had a brush of two from a passing car while riding their bike. It is really scary when you find any vehicle come close to you while biking. Everyone is aware of that close feeling, but no one would have known the Chain Gang incident to happen. This is a very tragic accident and one that has caused pain to him. There have been many tragedies and incidents that have happened over the years, but nothing has been as severe as this. Armstrong said that he was pained by the incident and this was his novel way of extending support to the Chain Gang by taking part in the completion of the Chain Gang race.

The driver of the pickup truck, Charles Pickett Jr., has been arrested after he had fled initially. He has been charged with five counts of murder.

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