Cycling – Tour de France lacks fair play

Article by Andrew Hill

We will not know yet how this edition of the Tour de France will stop, but we know of two episodes that would not be forgotten effortlessly, and regrettably individuals events are not one thing to be proud of, given that they exemplify a lack of sportsmanship or honest play, nonetheless you want to phone it…Sure, you are proper, we are speaking about the incidents involving Mark Renshaw in stage eleven, and Alberto Contador in Stage 15, which have tarnished the function.

Now lets go in advance and reminisce what occurred: in the final meters to the finish line Renshaw was riding genuine tight to Julian Dean, and all of a sudden started out to hit him with his head, to suspiciously shut the way to Tyler Farrar. His teammate Mark Cavendish from HTC Columbia benefited from this maneuver to complete the race in very first area.

This behavior was very dangerous for absolutely everyone, given that a huge collision in between the competitors could have had occurred, leading to serious harm to them. Placing the safety of other people in jeopardy has no justification, like Cavendish is trying to do, stating that: “Julian’s elbow was hooked about Mark’s and Mark used his head to get away. He gave everybody a bit of room”. His appreciation could be appropriate for him, the query is: would he have declared the identical point if he had been in Dean’s footwear?

Far more than a loose chain

The mechanical difficulty endured by Andy Schelck involved far more than a loose chain, given that the Tour’s honest play custom was misplaced for a number of seconds as well by Contador, who took gain of the until finally then leader of the competition, and wears now the yellow jersey with an eight 2nd advantage about the Luxemburgish.

Lance Armstrong did let the concern pass without having bringing up two old incidents exactly where he was concerned: “in 2003 I felt down and the rest waited for me, and in 2001 I waited for Ullrich when he felt down”. The 7 times champion of the Tour thinks that Contador’s steps exactly where not appropriate, that he should have waited.

Contador has expressed how unpleasant he is with the predicament because he has: “a very good relationship with Andy and want it to continue like that”. As a truth he apologized with Schelck for the duration of the subsequent stage right after the incident, and hugged him soon after the conclude of the race.

The Luxemburgish avoided creating this problem bigger than what it currently is for the media and supporters, and stated that it is difficult to tell if it was fair play or not. He feels strong and thinks that he will have his revenge, because the Tour is not about nevertheless. Nonetheless he is disappointed with the way how he misplaced, but feels inspired for what’s next. He thinks that the Spaniard need to be nervous since there is a variation now: “I am not the one who will get chased any longer I am the one particular who chases”.

Contador wasn’t the only 1

All of this problem falls on Contador because he is the only 1 with significant odds to win the Tour, but he was not the only that did not practice a fair game, Samuel Sanchez and Dennis Menchov had been involved in this incident too.

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