Revenue Of Livestrong Slow Down Reports Says

A charity of high-profile ‘The Livestrong Foundation’, that has seen harder time after the downfall of its founder Lance Armstrong, again saw a drop in revenue in 2015, this is third-straight year in which organization has seen the decline of double-digits.

The nonprofit Austin-based cancer patients, supporting charity organization recorded the revenue of $6.2 million that year, compared to $16.6 million in 2014, and the contributions were $3.7 million, compared with year before $11.9 million, the news has come now to the public because reports of the Associated Press citing federal tax records have become available just now.

About this the president of Livestrong Greg Lee told the AP that the finances of the foundation are healthy — till date the donations are up and the organization has the net assets of $73 million approximately, having the cash stocked before the rider’s fall from grace.

He further added that,” There is no impact on patients who are taking benefit from the charity organization and as a signature of the bounce of organization is, the organization received its first $1 million pledge last year of the decade.” Read More …

Lance Armstrong Hopeful Of His Sentence Getting Reduced

Lance Armstrong was stripped of all the accolades he won in his cycling career after he confessed on a television show that he used banned substances in order to secure his all seven Tour de France victories.

Lance Armstrong was also banned for life from participating in any recognised cycling event. An independent commission was formed to investigate doping in the port of cycling. The commission is all set to bring out a detailed report within a couple of weeks. Lance Armstrong had to visit the commission twice and this year in the month of January, Armstrong said that he is hopeful of his lifetime ban to be reduced.

Lance Armstrong also criticised Brian Cookson being the president of UCI to regarding which Cookson has said that he does not attach much importance to what Lance Armstrong would say about him and further added that like everyone, Lance Armstrong is also entitled to his own opinion.

He said that Armstrong’s visiting the commission is known to him and he said that Armstrong always has an agenda behind everything he does. Cookson refused to make any further statement until he learns in details about what Armstrong has said to the commission. Read More …

Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Using Customized Merchandise

Article by Jacques Shooli

Breast cancer is a single of the premier classes of cancer affecting ladies all over the planet. The latest facts derived from the 1999-2006 Incidence and Mortality Web-centered Report carried out by the Middle for Condition Control and Prevention and National Cancer Institute exhibit that 191,410 women were diagnosed with breast cancer and from that quantity 40,820 succumbed to the illness.

Be an active participant in exhibiting breast cancer awareness by furnishing pink custom-made merchandise giveaways to clients. Undertaking your part in educating the public about breast cancer can also assist develop a very good image about your business. There are many measures you can indication up in the drive for breast cancer awareness. In your workplace, you can perform a “pink day” by getting your workers members have on pink apparel. One more measure is by offering pink customized merchandise to increase price range and donating a portion of the cash you have elevated for investigation and remedy efforts.

You can mail out pink marketing items to prospective customers to help you have the communication about breast cancer. Pink is the universal shade that express the disease and placing pink-colored ribbons on your merchandise can assist your buyers produce awareness of the disease. There is a wide assortment of items you can think about for pitching breast cancer awareness. For instance, you can distribute ribbon lapel stickers with the name of your lead to logo imprinted on the item. Stickers will be visible wherever clientele location them so they will don’t forget your occasion each and every time they see the merchandise.

Aside from ribbons, one more promotional merchandise you can appear at for boost breast cancer awareness is pink seashore balls. Although the celebration will not be celebrated right up until drop, you can have your communication early prior to summer season ends by supplying beach balls in the seashore. Don’t forget that you want to make awareness as early as probable about the forthcoming contest. This will allow your patron to organize their timetable so they can tie up the actions you have lined-up.

When giving out logo merchandise to buyers, verify that the promotional gift will not overshadow the want of the event which is to encourage breast cancer awareness. Custom logoed bracelets are a single of the most prevailing logo merchandise that equate help for cancer awareness. Several years in the past, Lance Armstrong exhausted wristbands to pitch his LiveStrong testicular cancer campaign. You can logo print the communication of your selection and then disseminate the wristband as a gift when people donate to your result in.

Your efforts in creating up breast cancer awareness can go a long way as significantly as aiding researchers and health care authorities track down a cure for the dreaded disease. Right after your celebration, do not neglect to give out a straightforward goodie to these who went out of their way to assistance your trigger and gave donations of any volume.

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Jacques Shooli is a promotional items writer for cheap promotional products and low cost promotional giveaways. Examine a lot more posts by Jacques Shooli the following.

Reduce your chance of getting cancer to zero

Article by Johnfox

Sir/ Madam

Condition knows no boundaries. It doesn’t discriminate and it is not bigoted.

Cancer, for instance, strikes anyone of any age,and of any race or social qualifications. Cancer willfind you regardless of whether you lead a healthful or unhealthylifestyle regardless of whether you’re physically match or out ofshape regardless of whether you exercising regularly or are acouch potato whether you’re prosperous or poor, male orfemale whether or not you’re a vegetarian, pescetarianor meat lover and regardless of whether you’re an grownup,adolescent or little one.

DID YOU KNOW… that one out of each and every three adults inAmerica by now has cancer? But most of themdon’t know it nevertheless simply because the cancer isundiagnosed and undetected. According to theAmerican Cancer Society, there’s a 41% probabilitythat an person, male or female, will developcancer in his or her lifetime (or die from it). In addition, every human becoming has cancer cellsexisting in the physique which are just searching for alow-oxygen atmosphere exactly where they can multiplyinto the total-blown illness.

What if you could minimize your chance of obtaining cancer from 41% to zero? What if you totally removedall probability that you will actually get ANY disorder,for that subject? And what if you had a way ofcuring any condition that you may well by now have?

“Is that truly probable?” you inquire.

The reply is a resounding “Yes!”

But you can’t do it merely by consuming a wholesome diet, or even by getting to be a vegetarian. Linda McCartney, the late spouse of Paul McCartney was a life-extended vegetarian, who not only campaigned for vegetarianism, but also wrote a book on vegetarian cooking and produced a line of frozen vegetarian meals. However, regardless of her healthy eating, she died of breast cancer at the age of 56. That’s 20 years forward of the average lifestyle expectancy of American ladies.

And you can’t become immune from disorder simplyby working out or turning into physically suit. Some ofthe biggest athletes of our time, such as seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, Olympic ice skating champions Scott Hamilton and Peggy Fleming, and basketball star Magic Johnson, have all been victims of cancer or HIV.

And no, neither can you stop or remedy condition by popping a range of nutrients, super “nutraceuticals,” nutritional vitamins and minerals either.

The absolute very best way to eradicate disease from your life is by supplying the cells and tissues of your body with its most vital factor – and that’s oxygen.


Since even however your entire body could need to have an array of distinct elements and nutrients these as CoQ10, magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids and the like, only oxygen is in these essential demand that an inadequate supply can make the body create conditions — and it absence causes the entire body to die in minutes.

Oxygen results in an environment in the physique that enables the entire body to Heal Alone of almost all diseases characterized by viruses, harmful bacteria, toxins, illness microorganisms and pathogens, including but not constrained to cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Illness, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiplesclerosis, heart disorder, ulcers, asthma and numerous other kinds of ailments, which includes the flu.

But the critical crucial to bear in mind is thatsufficient amounts of oxygen require to be suppliedat the Mobile stage. Except if oxygen is deliveredto the cells and tissues of the system, it cannot doa good job at creating an setting in the bodythat is uninhabitable by disease.

Only the straightforward treatment described in “The 1-Minute Cure” effectively moves oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the cells to a drastically higher diploma than is generally reached by all other signifies. That’s why this 1-moment treatment has been administered by over fifteen,000 European physicians, naturopaths and healthpractitioners to millions of patients to treatment pretty much every disorder acknowledged to gentleman.

They have however to locate a condition that does NOT respond effectively to this a single-minute heal. When you self-administer the straightforward, painless remedy at property in significantly less than one minute, it instantaneously floods your cells and tissues with oxygen. All illness microorganisms, viruses, microbes and pathogensdie in higher-oxygen environments simply because they areANAEROBIC (i.e., they seek out and thrive inlow-oxygen environments).

Your healthful cells, on the other hand, are AEROBIC, which means that they not only thrive but grow to be rejuvenated and revitalized in the presence of oxygen, thus marketing vibrant health.

All advised, the 1-minute treatment is your best wager for reducing your chances of getting cancer (or any other condition) down to ZERO – and stopping disease from invading your physique, to start with.

In this earth exactly where disease is so prevalent, andpractically no one particular escapes disorder, you owe it toyourself to uncover the one particular-minute remedy toall your health fears and concerns. Disorder doesn’t haveto scare you anymore, nor does it have to make youfeel helpless, or worse, dependent on expensivedrugs, procedures and therapies offered byorganized medication.

Take management of your health nowadays by giving by yourself the gift of “The A single-Minute Remedy: The Top secret to Healing Nearly All Conditions.” Go to


and get your copy prior to enterprises, cartels and businesses whose trillion-dollar empire is threatened by this info force this guide out of circulation.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll uncover in “The 1-MinuteCure”:

* Why cancerous tumors shrink in the presence of this natural substance — and inhibits the expansion of other tumors and illness tissues as properly. Featured circumstance examine: A scientific experiment which showed how tumors disappeared within fifteen to 60 days soon after this substance was administered in drinking drinking water. — see web page 61

* How this therapy has grow to be the selection remedy for healing drastic circumstances of emphysema — a lot of patients have reported that the remedy has enhanced their breathing so a lot that they no extended require oxygen tanks and wheelchairs — see web page 79

* Did you know … that pricey interferon drugs owe their efficacy to raising the body’s oxygen stage? Locate out how this organic substance employs the exact same mechanism of action as interferon — devoid of creating side effects — and why it is now currently being utilised as an inexpensive option to interferon for the treatment of Many Sclerosis — see page 66

* How this basic remedy leads to your body to treatment itself of cancer — even in circumstances when the condition wasn’t caught early, and even if it is a late-stage cancer — see web page 44

* Keep your pets healthy, too – Administering this normal oxygenating substance in the drinking h2o of your dog, cat, horse or other pets cures everything from heartworms to parasites to feline leukemia — devoid of the use of pet drugs. It has even been provided to race horses to increase endurance and shorten recovery times following races. — see page 93

Go to =&gt&gt

to learn all of this and far more.

Wishing you the finest of wellbeing and independence from disorder,

Thanks for reading through and I wish you all the success!Johnfox© 2003-2010 World Advertising and marketing Media, Inc.

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Fight Cancer With Hope

Write-up by Elaine Savard

If young children have the capability to disregard all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them.  When you consider about it, what other selection is there but to hope?  We have two possibilities, medically and emotionally: give up, or Battle Like Hell. Lance Armstrong

How we really feel when we are diagnosed with cancer is a mixture of all sorts of feelings.  As an adult, we could be angry, frightened, perplexed, unhappy, concerned and several more damaging emotions.  We make up stories in our thoughts ahead of occasions occur and this tends to make the scenario worst.  There are so numerous assets to uncover data about our condition, sites on the web, all sorts of guides with various options for treatment, and of course the public that all have their views.Youngsters, simply because of their innocence, tend to go with the flow.  Their fears are primarily brought on by their dad and mom and other grown ups that in their everyday living.  They will be scare when a method is being done but that is simply because it is something new to them.  Children do not have the know how to give up. They just automatically battle because they do not have all the lifestyle knowledge that adults do to make them not battle like hell.So that as grown ups, to be able to battle we have to understand to be like the children. To do this we have to educate ourselves to our condition, to the procedures that are about to be carried out, and also to be capable to inquire the right questions of the physicians so we know what is taking place. Physicians and Oncologists are really hectic and at times overlook that we the patients may well not realize points that to them are really directly ahead. We have to know our odds and percentages, nevertheless know that people are just numbers and stats and by fighting we can go from the norm and defeat the odds. It has been explained several occasions, that head over entire body has slowed down, if not cured sufferers of a problem. Why is it when two individuals are diagnosed with the same problem, a single gets by means of it with flying hues and the other just struggles or dies? Is it since of the state of head, the willingness or unwillingness to battle, their religious beliefs, or the men and women that surround them and assist them?When diagnosed with cancer or any other ailment, if you actually want to live, you most have hope. To have hope, a beneficial thoughts and spirit is needed along with a supportive surrounding.And for more information about this and about thyroid cancer go to

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I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 1997. Sadly soon after acquiring gone through surgeries and radioactive iodine treatments, there are even now indications that I nevertheless have cancer cells in my entire body. Two many years in the past, I commenced to get a wellness and wellness products made up of 12.6 mg of fucoidan in every ounce serving. My anti-thyroglobulin ranges, which have usually been higher, are now dropping. With no other modifications in my everyday living, I attribute it to this item.