Posting a photo on the popular social media, Instagram on March 1, Lance Armstrong showed that the U.S. Postal Service who sponsored him some years back as a cyclist wants more than just US$100 million from him.

A US$100 million lawsuit against Lance Armstrong by the U.S. Postal Service will proceed to trial and the former professional cyclist had a lighthearted moment amidst the recent news.

Armstrong, a seven time champion of the Tour de France, before these titles were stripped went on to share a photo on Instagram showing that he was owing an additional $1.09 in postage costs to the Postal Service.

The 45-year old wrote an accompanying text to the picture, which read:

“That moment when you realize U.S. Postal Service wants $100 million plus a dollar and 9 cents from you.”

The post was made from his home in Austin, Texas and the photo showed off an envelope addressed to him and originally delivered from Portland, Ore. A hand-written calculation showed off an outstanding payment. Read More …

What Are the Best European Cities For Cyclists?

Write-up by Jack Mack

Europe is area in which the most well-known cycle race in the world the ‘Tour de France’ can take area each and every year. The race may possibly have been dominated in recent years by an American referred to as Lance Armstrong, but cycling remains a distinctly European custom. Europe’s enjoy affair with the bicycle can be witnessed in the way that some its cities have grow to be the perfect locations for cycle fans about the planet. Here are the finest of those cities.


Amsterdam is acknowledged as being the world’s bike money, and when you go to you will see exactly why. Cycling is by much the best and most well-liked strategy of transportation, and in a country with about 16.4 million inhabitants, it is no surprise that they individual 17 million bikes. Amsterdam is a stunning metropolis and is extremely simple and enjoyable for individuals to cycle around, not to point out flat, which is why Amsterdam is a single of the best cycling cities in the world.


Barcelona is one of the most enjoyable and vibrant cities in the globe. With amazing architecture, a gorgeous seashore and a city awash with colour, audio and wonderful meals, its cyclability is the cherry on top rated. If you have a hybrid bike then this is definitely the city for you! With an array of properly organised cycle routes all around the town typically individual from site visitors lanes and with a free of charge cycle scheme for all nearby residents, which you can not fall short to be envious of, Barcelona is excellent for cycling.


With the Tour de France born in the nation and the classic stereotypical picture of a Frenchman frequently being of one particular riding a bicycle, you would have anticipated Paris to be on this checklist. With its wide avenues and more and more bike pleasant street layouts and bike sharing scheme, cycling is a dream in the city of romance. The very best route via the metropolis however is down the side of the River Seine, taking in lots of landmarks along the route and with only the quaintest of cafes for your enjoyment.


Astonishingly sufficient, London is indeed 1 of the very best locations for cyclists in Europe. With a wonderful several cycle routes via the city and a new town extensive bike rental scheme, not to point out a brand new velodrome becoming constructed for the Olympics, London is a cycle centric metropolis up there with the best. You do not want an expensive bike to cycle around London, in fact if it seems a minor aged it might not appeal to any undesired interest. Just employ yourself low-cost bike and the get your family members some inexpensive little ones bikes and set off to discover the great and varied culture of London!

So next time you fancy a cycle and a vacation, why not mix your passions and get a trip to 1 of these remarkable cities for cycling.

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Sport Emoticons: Best 3 Basis Why You Need to Have Them

Article by LeeAnn

Should you get oneself some activity emoticons? If you are a man especially – aren’t emoticons properly, girly? Earth well-known biking champion Lance Armstrong actually disapprove of emoticons. He does nonetheless talk versus only the smiley deal with, so what of the emoticons that directly forwardly displays the yellow fellows undertaking activity?

You Will need to Present Your LoyaltyAll sports admirers know, faithfulness to the team or the activity itself is initial and foremost. While emoticons may possibly sound a bit as well girly in the beginning, you will quickly change your place on it when you see the great sports emoticons out there. Get your favourite activity avatar and present new buddies in a click on what kind of sport you like.

You Want to Find Fellow FollowersNo other functions as speedy as exhibiting the sort of activity you enjoy as your logo. Include a tennis icon on your profile picture or Twitter avatar and you will quickly locate others to chat about the most recent tantrum thrown by Venus and who the top seeds are for Wimbledon in the latest yr.

You Want to Plainly Categorize Oneself As a GuySport emoticons against on the internet hassle? Sure, following all stranger issues have occurred. Hopefully this does not take place too usually but with the way moms these days are naming their youngsters, a totally male name is now gender neutral. And you are frankly over individuals males you never know attempting to choose you up and get your personal electronic mail when you are on the world wide web talking and chatting. This is most likely also significantly of a generalization but at least, with an item of activity emoticons adorning your profile, the supposedly romantic males will pause prior to they attempt their “Hey, Baby” moves.

The phrase activity emoticons may possibly sound like an oxymoron at first, especially to a hundred percent macho guys who instantly website link emoticons to shrieking teenage women. Nevertheless, sport emoticons can be very helpful and when employed proper, they are fun and entertaining!

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The Three Best Paid Apps For Blackberry

Report by Brandon Lucero

There are plenty of apps offered for blackberry consumers that are free of charge, but, you can get a very useful and valuable app for a couple of pounds. Most blackberry apps assortment from .99 to .99 but sometimes you will see one particular that will cost far more. These apps typically provide a provider that can take profits to sustain and which enables you have a fantastic provider by means of your app. The greatest blackberry apps that you have to pay for are normally nicely really worth the money and can bring you exciting, pleasure, organization, or just make your life less complicated.

One particular of the best paid Blackberry apps is the WeatherBug Elite app. They supply a free edition with constrained functions but the compensated version does every little thing from True Time Delivery alerts to wind speeds. It delivers you immediate temperatures of the city you are currently in or any metropolis you want to search. Almost every single climate measurement is accessible by way of the WeatherBug app. It even provides you animated satellite and radar readings.

Yet another great paid app for blackberry is the Shazam app. This app enables you to hold your phone to a speaker even though a song is enjoying and it will tell you the song identify and artist. If listen to a song on the radio and cannot figure out who it is Shazam can tell you in a matter of seconds. If even provides a way to buy the song appropriate there via your phone.

LIVESTRONG, Lance Armstrong’s foundation, place out an app that permits you to discover out how a lot of calories are in items ahead of you eat or purchase them. Their app called, Calorie Tracker, has a single of the most significant databases of meals and restaurant products. When you go out to try to eat the nutrition facts are always offered for you to view. You can use your Calorie Tracker app and discover out the calorie and dietary details proper then and there. You are also aiding out the LIVESTRONG foundation when you acquire this app.

These 3 apps make lifestyle easier and can retain you more healthy. There are countless numbers of apps obtainable for blackberry consumers and you can most likely discover three other apps that are a lot more appropriate for your way of life. But, you cannot go wrong with the WeatherBug, Shazam, or Calorie Tracker app. They are great apps develop for Blackberry users and you really should give them a attempt.

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Silicone wristbands as best fund raising resource

Article by Anto_Martin

Silicone wristbands, that 1st surfaced in the yr 2000, have given that acquired immense reputation to express solidarity for a cause, unfold awareness about a trigger and over all, for fund raising activities. Nevertheless an additional powerful reason why individuals choose these wristbands, they are lowly-priced and for this reason cost-powerful. Wristbands can be embossed with any message or slogan and obtainable in a variety of hues.

Silicone wristbands are gentle and in fact cozy to wear – apart from the truth they are stylish. Apart from, these wristbands are fairly flexible and its elasticity can be stretched to in shape ant wrist dimension. A single just can’t shed a silicone wristband even though wearing it as there are no loose ends tied with each other.

Curiously, the hues of silicone wristbands signify distinct brings about. The effectively-identified yellow Livestrong bands symbolize help for the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer analysis. In truth, it is this result in that created wearing wristbands abundantly popular. Red wristbands ended up widely utilised right away soon after the Tsunami by the Red Cross to increase money. Pink wristbands are meant for raising money in the direction of breast cancer charities, and the wristbands are to express solidarity with the armed forces.

Nowadays, rubber silicone wristbands are ubiquitously purchased principally by charity organization for purposes of fund raising. In view of the noble cause for which silicone wristbands are sold, most suppliers supply quite reasonably priced costs on the customized wristbands. Many sellers even extend special quantity discount rates to consumers who buy in bulk. Most producers offer a vast option of colours and undertake to emboss messages, slogans, symbols and so on on the silicone.

It is a universally accepted truth that wristbands are the best method for low-cost propaganda, awareness creation and fundraising campaigns. Since of its colourful and fashionable seems to be, silicone wristbands are focus-grabbing and have proven to be an inexpensive and nevertheless efficient medium for fund-raising. It is stated that silicone is hypoallergenic and as these it is secure to wear silicone wristbands and there will be no adverse aspect-results even on sensitive skins.

In see of its popularity, silicone bracelets have a extensive fan subsequent and easily obtainable at all instances. When a fund raising marketing campaign is correctly performed, personalised silicone wristbands can be distributed to elevate millions of bucks to finance lofty leads to.

Silicone wristbands can show to be your very best alternative for fundraising as other items like the promotional T-shirts can be expensive and stand no comparison to silicone wristbands. Most organizations use personalized wristbands with acceptable messages embossed on them for raising funds. This generates a large influence and the buyers are also created aware the trigger they are supporting.

You ought to even so take pains to imaginatively create fund- raising silicone wristbands so that folks are tempted to buy. The embossed messages or slogans need to be short, crisp and quickly comprehended by all. If the message you emboss is distinct and unambiguous, you will be spared the necessity of personally explaining issues to every single intending donor.

It is preferable to emboss the brand of the organization on the silicone wristbands as the purchasers will be convinced about the authenticity and be a lot more ready to acquire them. This apply will get rid of attempts at fund-raising by fraudulent people and will also permit individuals to buy them a lot more confidently.

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What are the best gifts on this Christmas – Links of London Bracelets

Article by Leen

Custom silicone rubber bracelets are a advertising simple, cheap and very powerful and fundraising concept. Nonprofit organizations to create funds by getting bulk bracelets have raised lettering or basic graphics. Fundraising is performed for the group sports activities, spots of worship, arts initiatives and money campaigns for swimming pools, and so on.

These days, individuals are wearing bracelets on new approaches to increase awareness and moral support to the causes and occasions like trade shows, task fairs, conferences and personalized events these as weddings and family reunions. Hyperlinks Of London Bracelets customized silicone are also offered in glow in dark hues like red or green. Color is also given significance as each color has a that means. It all started with yellow wristbands silicone rubber offered by Lance Armstrong Basis to raise awareness of cancer. Nowadays, every organization has a colour to advance their result in. Network is connected to the battle versus AIDS, heart condition, diabetes, and many others.

Purple or purple symbolizes the fight against cystic fibrosis, pancreatic cancer and animal abuse. Blue means battle is against colon cancer and little one abuse. The styles and letters on customized silicone rubber bracelets are often basic, which speaks of a result in or notion. Examples contain the research for a remedy, support our troops, courage, spirit, love and hope.

Awareness breast cancer bracelets bands have been pink and assistance the armed forces are green. Silicone bracelets appear in various types these kinds of as brightness, shade stripes, core, or fill color and can be embossed or printed with any name or business or organization’s motto. They can even have inspirational messages. Silicone wristbands are used at conventions, concerts and other public capabilities. Also is issued in nightclubs or crowd handle. Silicone bracelets have been printed to market a club or function.

There are several on the internet companies that market custom silicone bracelets. You can pick any colour that he / she can envision. The acquiring policies are not to assessment the minimum acquire demands. Not sure which consist of a hundred% silicone? Some bracelets are produced with a combination of silicone and other substances. These Links London are significantly less expensive, but can not be as long lasting and easily damaged if any logo or design embossed into the content.

Customized silicone rubber bracelets is a aggressive industry which indicates groups can typically get excellent prices and acquire orders swiftly. Folks can purchase personalized bracelets on the internet and pay out consideration to the price of every single band, which could fall as lower as twenty five cents for up to ten,000 bands and as large as $ 1.ten every for an order of 250 bands.

Make confident that the purchase to a manufacturer that delivers a lot of color choices and totally free shipping. Get notice of the extra charges charged by a vendor for customizations. These service fees can be charged for setup and mold, art and transformation multi-coloured/segmented.

There are numerous online businesses that market custom silicone bracelets. You can pick any colour that he / she can imagine. The acquiring policies are not to assessment the minimum acquire specifications. Not certain which consist of a hundred% silicone? Some bracelets are produced with a mix of silicone and other elements. These bracelets are significantly less high-priced, but can not be as sturdy and effortlessly damaged if any logo or design and style embossed into the substance.

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