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In the beginning was the Silicone Wristbands, and the wristband was yellow, and the wristband said “Livestrong.” And it was excellent.

The yellow “Livestrong” wristband, released by Nike and specialist cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2004 has given that gone on to elevate awareness and millions of dollars for cancer analysis worldwide. Yea, verily, the yellow silicone wristband has been very good indeed.

And the yellow silicone wristband begat the red silicone wristband, and the green silicone wristband, and the blue silicone wristband, and several other colours, all in assistance of worthy brings about all around the globe.

Certainly, silicone wristbands have populated the planet in just 6 a long time, representing everything from anti-poverty packages to domestic violence awareness to sports activities team promotions. Now a new fad has emerged in the silicone wristband universe, a variation on the wristband theme for youngsters.

Foolish Bandzā„¢ are rubber bands that are shaped like animals, dollar indicators, guitars and other symbols. Marketed by a Toledo, Ohio business that also imports silicone wristbands, Silly Bandz became the rage of the elementary school set very last fall, to the extent that numerous schools banned them from the classroom since college students had been so distracted by enjoying with and investing them.

As opposed to classic silicone wristbands, Silly Bandz are modest, skinny silicone bands that can be worn on the wrist and snap back again into their customized form when taken off. They don’t have room for any type of printed concept and do not market any specific cause. Silly Bandz are, as their title implies, purely for fun.

The company that created Silly Bandz, BCP Imports, also is linked to silicone wristbands as the original distributor of Livestrong wristbands. Because introducing Foolish Bandz in 2008, the business has grown from 20 workers to much more than 200.

Silly Bandz usually sell for about for a pack of two dozen, so they’re inexpensive for most kids right now. Simply because they’re thin and not virtually as sturdy as custom silicone wristbands, they also break effortlessly, prompting the need for substitute. To an extent, this “unplanned obsolescence” attribute guarantees a alternative market place.

Regardless of whether Silly Bandz will turn out to be as beloved and extended-lasting as silicone wristbands or conclude up as however yet another fizzled style fad continues to be to be seen. Developments amid youthful individuals are notoriously tough to predict, and with a lot of a lot more organizations now providing competing products, the industry could eventually reach a saturation level and then drop off from there.

But at this point, whether or not Foolish Bandz stay as well-liked as Barbie or turn into the following Pet Rock is rather a lot irrelevant. Their huge good results has spawned a vogue revolution at the elementary and center school amounts, no subject how short-term. And these who commence putting on Foolish Bandz could sooner or later transfer up to wearing silicone wristbands to present support for a trigger they believe in.

Their choices in the world of silicone wristbands are virtually limitless, with alternatives of designs, colours and sizes to make a point about almost any worthy cause or organization. Silicone wristbands have currently demonstrated their very own long-term viability as proof by their continuing popularity. As unlikely as it appears, Foolish Bandz could be poised to do the identical point.

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