Lance Armstrong Hopeful Of His Sentence Getting Reduced

Lance Armstrong was stripped of all the accolades he won in his cycling career after he confessed on a television show that he used banned substances in order to secure his all seven Tour de France victories.

Lance Armstrong was also banned for life from participating in any recognised cycling event. An independent commission was formed to investigate doping in the port of cycling. The commission is all set to bring out a detailed report within a couple of weeks. Lance Armstrong had to visit the commission twice and this year in the month of January, Armstrong said that he is hopeful of his lifetime ban to be reduced.

Lance Armstrong also criticised Brian Cookson being the president of UCI to regarding which Cookson has said that he does not attach much importance to what Lance Armstrong would say about him and further added that like everyone, Lance Armstrong is also entitled to his own opinion.

He said that Armstrong’s visiting the commission is known to him and he said that Armstrong always has an agenda behind everything he does. Cookson refused to make any further statement until he learns in details about what Armstrong has said to the commission. Read More …

Lance Armstrong Helping Tejay Van Garderen to Train for Motorpacing

Tejay Van Gardener (BMC Racing Team) is receiving tremendous help from Lance Armstrong (former professional cyclist) for his race preparations. In an interview with the Rouleur Magazine, Armstrong said that he has been playing an important role in Van Gardener’s preparation for the Grand Tour.

Currently, Lance Armstrong has been banned from participating in any professional cycling competitions and any sports events sanctioned by USA Cycling because of doping. He was also stripped from all his Tour de France titles. In October, Armstrong was not allowed to participate in Gran Fondo Cycling Event. Read More …

Lance Armstrong Gives Up Mid Way

Lance Armstrong is one of the former disgraced cyclists. He tried the fledgling sport in Austin Texas and made a very unwelcoming debut in a new sport. It was the ‘Beer Mile’ that he tried his hand at. In 1980s in the US the ‘Beer Mile’ originated. The competition was to drink a can full of beer ahead of each of the four laps for a running track of 400m.

Lance had tried to enhance his performance by using drugs during his career but he did not have alcohol on the list. Lance has won seven Tour De France titles. He also finished the New York city Marathon in less than three hours that too twice. Lance can no longer cycle as he has been banned for a lifetime from cycling. Sine Lance once had been accused and found taking PEDs, human growth hormone, testosterone throughout his career, all the victories were stripped away.

Lance recently decided to take on a new sporting challenge. He tried to qualify for the Flo Beer Mile World Championships which was being held in Austin, Texas. However, after Lance successfully downed the first can and completed the lap he soon dropped out of the event which was for qualifying. Lance after giving up exclaimed that this was not what he expected the event to turn out. He did not want to drop out early. Fellow competitors have said that they would love to see him again and that he was a competitor.

James Nielsen was the first competitor this year who ran the Beer Mile in less than five minutes. Not only that, he also set a record time of 4.57 in San Francisco, California.

The Flo Beer Mile championship is going to take place on December 3 in Austin.

USA Cycling: Lance Armstrong Cannot Be Associated With George Hincapie Gran Fondo Cycling Event

Lance Armstrong was planning to participate in the George Hincapie Gran Fondo on the 25th of October, 2014 in South Carolina. However, after USA Cycling consulted UCI (International Cycling Union) and USADA (US Anti Doping Agency), it released a statement on 23rd October, 2014 that Lance Armstrong cannot be associated with the cycling event in accordance to the WADA Code.

The George Hincapie Gran Fondo is a non-competitive cycling event which has been sanctioned by USA Cycling. Thus according to WADA Code, Lance Armstrong does not have the right to participate in any of the event sanctioned by USA Cycling due to his lifetime ban.

Armstrong had been banned from professional cycling by USADA in the year 2012 because of doping to which Armstrong admitted in the year 2013 in an interview given to Oprah Winfrey.

This week only it was reported that Armstrong was hoping to ride with former teammates of the US Postal Service like Kevin Livingston, Christian Vande Velde, Michael Berry, Tom Danielson and George Hincapie during the Gran Fondo event. However, now it seems Armstrong will not be allowed to participate in the event.

USADA had communicated with USA Cycling on 23rd of October, 2014 in order to confirm whether the Gran Fondo event was an authorized event or not according to the WADA Code. Thus after interpreting the WADA Code rules, USA Cycling came to the conclusion that because Armstrong is facing lifetime ban, he cannot be a part of the George Hincapie Gran Fondo cycling event.

Several professionals such as Larry Warbasse, Brent Bookwalter and Tejay van Garderen (all three are BMC Racing Team riders) were asked to comment on their association with ex-dopers. Tejay van Garderen was of the opinion that Lance Armstrong should be given a break because he deserved it after facing the brunt of the USADA investigation that had taken place.

Kittel edges Cavendish at Tour of Britain and Baarle wins

Marcel Kittel won by just inches from Mark Cavendish in the sprint finish at the final stage of Britain tour and Dylan van Baarle won the race title. Van Baarle accepted the yellow jersey of the leader on the seventh stage held on Saturday and kept his lead in the time trial held on Saturday which was won by Sir Bradley Wiggins. The Dutch rider finished the race first at the final stage with a win by 10 seconds.

Cavendish was happy after spending a very difficult year. Michal Kwiatkowski finished at the second place overall and Wiggins came third. The winner of Tour de France of 2012 finished 12 seconds after but moved up from the seventh position after the time trial that was held on Sunday’s first stage at central London.

The final stage witnessed an early breakaway that was formed by the five men over the 10 laps of the circuit that has a length of 8.8km which was earlier used for the time trial. The teams fought for their position of reaching the finish line first and were caught when there was only 5.5km left. This happened to pit Kittel against Cavendish at Whitehall and just when it started to seem that Manxman was way ahead of the line, the German came up to cross him and reach the finish line first. This put another win into the basket of the British standing on Irish grounds in 2014. This will mean that he has added to his achievements Girod’Italia stages held in Belfast and Dublin, Tour de France stages held in Harrogate and London and the Tour of Britain.

Cavendish said that finishing the tour in the middle of London has been a great experience and that he would have been happier if he could win the afternoon race just like Bradley won in the morning.