25 thoughts on “Lance checks in from Texas to discuss Team RadioShack in Algarve”

  1. I hope he wins the tour this year. He`s a gentleman, and the team is great! Besides some of Contadors helpers (read Vino) makes me feel sick watching cycling.

  2. Funny how you were ridding on “Cow Creek Road” but the only Cow you actually saw was in Hawaii…….

  3. Go Lance,
    hes an inspiration for many people.
    Total respect for him, but like he said, CONTADOR is the best and will win 2010 TDF, Lance second, Schleck third (if he fixes his knee problems).
    Also watch out for TONY MARTIN.

  4. Grande atleta e uma inspiração!

    Volta ao Algarve. Não é a melhor prova do Mundo, mas em Fevereiro é excelente opção!!!

    Come back strong Lance!!!

  5. @mattfaulkner – by the sound of it, Americans say “acclimated”. They say a lot of weird things.

  6. My mum worked in Portugal for a few years, and I speak Spanish (I know it’s in Portugal), and I’m sure it’s not Algarve.

    Oh yeah, and who the heck says ‘Acclimated’?

  7. Now, do something for the good of all Texans, and all Americans–help get the property taxes down in TX and the business income taxes down in the rest of the Union. If not, let TX declare independence!

  8. You can say ‘acclimated’ actually – try Googling it before stating something as fact.
    As for the pronunciation of Algarve – you’d have to ask someone from the Algarve.

  9. It’s ‘Acclimatised’ not ‘Acclimated’ and it’s ‘Algarve’ not ‘Algarvea’. 😀

    Looks nice in Texas, wish I could ride outside, away from ice and snow. Toughens you up though!

    These videos are cool, Lance is a good presenter, shame Contador (and Schleck) are going to whip his ass at the Tour, he’s too far past his prime to beat them now but at least he’s starting to realise that and chill out (a bit).

  10. Why? He says AC is the best rider in the world right now and by that he means the best grand tour rider. As AC has won the last 4 he has entered then facts are facts – TdF, Giro, Vuelta, TdF.

  11. Next year please come to the Algarve as well!
    Tiago Machado had a great race as well finishing 3rd overall.

  12. Hey Lance, Great video. I think 2nd in Algarve was not a RS rider but Caisse d’Epargne, Luis Leon Sanchez. Safe travels!

  13. What a brilliant little video. It gets right in close to the man himself in the middle of doing what he does. Must get out on my bike today!

  14. Tour of Algarve; some big names were there; Contador No. 1, wins #2. Argh!

    Go Lance!
    Milan San Remo
    Criterium International
    Tour of Flanders
    Amstel Gold
    Liege Bastogne Liege
    Tour of Cali
    Dauphine Libere

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