23 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong ‘sold his soul’ to doping, says former masseuse”

  1. Lance is a cheat, a fraud, ripped of $9 million in prize money by CHEATING.
    What a discusting creep.

  2. There has been tests done on his samples collected years ago like with any
    other sport and his samples showed extreme levels of epo and hgh. But of
    course he will say they were tampered with. But he can not prove in a court
    of law that they were tampered with so the positive results stand.. He is a
    Drug cheat..

  3. It’s a huge mess, that’s for sure. I just hope it’s over with, it’s one
    thing to look back and realize you were rooting for a doper, but it’s much
    more unsettling (to me) when I have to question the people in a race I’m
    watching live. And whatever disorders he has, maybe Armstrong can go into
    politics, I think he’d fit right in lol.

  4. He just declared that Emma O’Reilly was telling the truth. What an asshole
    suing an innocent woman and griding her in to the ground morally and
    financially. Disgusting.

  5. After reading the USADA evidence (free to download from the homepage) I’ll
    believe anything of Armstrong. Not only is the doping evidence utterly
    compelling, his behavior points to a serious personality disorder.

  6. They used to throw people in prison for debt. Doubt Lance will go to
    prison, but O.J. Simpson did. Also his house was bulldozed, and they showed
    the neighbors’ glee. At least he should lose his house(s). In this book I
    am reading (Dane) Bjarne Riis has over a million dollar houses in
    Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland and Denmark. (p. 57, Bad Blood by Jeremy

  7. Im not so sure of a personality disorder…. I think he just went all-in
    with the mindset of “if I never admit it they can never prove it.”
    Especially after so many years. I mean, what if someone accused you of
    doing something 15 years ago? It took them 10-15 years to figure it out and
    you have SO much to lose… why would you ever confess?

  8. I wonder what he is going to do with himself for the rest of his life. As I
    am a fan of Lance Armstrong and Freud, I think that this goes further back,
    to his relationship with his two fathers, one that deserted him, and a
    second one that he did not learn to love despite having been loved. That
    hurts. [Bad father relationships may be shared by Wiggo, and RAM champ Jure
    Robič RIP] Will LA have psycho-analysis and do public contrition? Perhaps
    he could become a Hollywood villian. Or win RAM.

  9. Well we all sell our soul to something, for most of us its mediocrity and a
    boring existance. In selling his soul as its put Lance succeded in doing a
    dam sight more good in the world than most people ever do.

  10. And Bjarne Riis admitted to doping in his win of the Tour de France in
    1996, but because of the statute of limitations, and he was admitting it in
    2007, his title was not taken away. He is listed as the champion with an
    asterisk. So that would punish Lance more than anything, I think, to see
    some people get so wealthy in cycling, and to lose his own mansion(s).

  11. He should strip himself from all praises He had been given and even
    now…If I were him. I would never touch a bike ever again.

  12. Everyone knew he doped. His skinny chicken legs and his drugged up
    teammates are not capable of strength and endurance without drugs. Id like
    to see him pay back those who should have won $9.

  13. Perhaps he could get a real job like good americans. Lance is a fraud of
    his own foibg. He f**ked many riders out of their TRUE ABILITY and prize
    money and he and his team should be thrown in prison for what they stole
    from other racers. What a dispicable man.

  14. You make a fair point, however I guess what I struggle with is the
    overwhelming sense that he seemed to totally abuse the power and control he
    had over the team and used threats, slurs and intimidation on anyone who
    didn’t go along with him. In saying this I’m not too enamored of some of
    the others involved either, I think they only came forward because they had
    no choice.

  15. Emma can’t really verify anything. She has no direct accounts of any
    doping. She has a package she assumed had syringes in it, she disposed of
    some EPO in a field, she took a bottle of ‘pills’ from Johan and gave it to
    Lance, and she was in teh room when they decisded to adopt the saddle sore
    excuse for the psotivie cortisone test in 1999. She seems nice, but at the
    end of the day, she can’t account for much.

  16. O well thanks for the personal run down, very insightful im sure, nice to
    see you took an interest in my comment.

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