25 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong Message to Clint Miller”

  1. Lance, thank you for taking the time to create this video for Clint. It means the world to him and also to the hundreds if not thousands of us cheering him on!

  2. Thanks so much, Lance, for doing this for Clint. As others have said, it may not seem such a task for you but, it surely does mean alot to Clint and his raving friends, family and fans! Thanks again…

  3. Lance – I’m not much of a bike guy (obviously know who you are, but…). I knew you were doing tons for cancer and cancer survivors and fighters (heck, I even grew a Mo last year), but this hands down won me over and showed me what kind of guy you are. My friend Clint is absolutely over the moon right now and we (all of his friends, fans, and followers) are too. Thank you for doing it. It may seem like a small gesture to you, but it means huge things to Clint.

  4. That was really nice of you Lance. You are a such a stand up guy. I know it meant the world to our good friend Clint. Thanks from New Hampshire.

  5. woo hoo…the power of social media! Thanks Lance…I just know this will rock Clint’s world!

  6. Lance, thank you for the words of encouragement. We are so proud of you both! Livestrong!!! @FloridaSunSales

  7. Lance – Nicely done.This is a classy move for my friend Clint. As a fellow Austinite, I applaud you. I look forward to hearing about that meeting. 🙂 – @jasoncrouchbroker

  8. I’m in tears, so happy that Clint got his wish. Lance, this is unbelievably sweet! Thank you so much. Be prepared to laugh a LOT when you meet Clint – he will have you rolling! All hail Clint the Cancer Conqueror! Thank you, Lance – Livestrong!

  9. Lance- thanks so much for doing this! You are really a wonderful person to reach out to our friend @therealclint! Kudos! Hugs from @amyoutloud!

  10. Lance, thank you so much for doing this! Clint is a giving and wonderful guy who has brought many smiles and shared a lot of knowledge with folks in my business. I hope you guys get to link up! Thanks – @ZWBrownRE

  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Clint Miller is a great guy. Livestrong,Clint and may ALL your wishes come true. #weloveclint

  12. Awesome. Thank you Lance. We love Clint and you are a promise of hope for him. He’s my brother from a different mother after all @therealclint and I’m @thekencook

  13. Not only does Lance Armstrong rock… so does Clint Miller!! Live strong Clint, live strong my friend!

  14. #weloveclint THIS much! Thanks, Lance for what we all wanted – a connection between you and Clint.

  15. That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in quite some time. You are REAL and are touching people’s lives in ways you can’t even imagine!! GO CLINT!!!

  16. Viva la Lance! THANK YOU Lance! Clint is a *great* guy, and your message will mean a lot to him. Thanks for taking the time….

  17. Incredible how quickly you responded to Clint’s request. This had to top his first free day in a while. Clint is a friend to many and his struggle and battle has touched many of us. Thanks for taking the time and reaching out. #weloveclint #livestrong

  18. Thank you so much Lance. Our friend Clint, is one of the best and he’s had a rough few days, and we so appreciate your support and encouragement! You totally rock for doing this for him!!!! ….. Lori Bee aka @OutdoorLori #WeLoveClint

  19. Thank you so much! Clint is a Super Hero to so many people. It’s wonderful to see such a kind response from someone to which he looks for inspiration. You are a great guy and #weloveclint #livestrong

  20. lance is such an amazing guy for doing this! Hope you feel better Clint! we’re thinking about you

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