Lance Armstrong was stripped of all the accolades he won in his cycling career after he confessed on a television show that he used banned substances in order to secure his all seven Tour de France victories.

Lance Armstrong was also banned for life from participating in any recognised cycling event. An independent commission was formed to investigate doping in the port of cycling. The commission is all set to bring out a detailed report within a couple of weeks. Lance Armstrong had to visit the commission twice and this year in the month of January, Armstrong said that he is hopeful of his lifetime ban to be reduced.

Lance Armstrong also criticised Brian Cookson being the president of UCI to regarding which Cookson has said that he does not attach much importance to what Lance Armstrong would say about him and further added that like everyone, Lance Armstrong is also entitled to his own opinion.

He said that Armstrong’s visiting the commission is known to him and he said that Armstrong always has an agenda behind everything he does. Cookson refused to make any further statement until he learns in details about what Armstrong has said to the commission.

Regarding the report of the independent commission, Brian Cookson has said that it would not be comfortable to read the report. He also said that when one opens a can of worms, a lot of worms are found. The independent commission does not have the power to impose punitive measures on those cyclists who were not found guilty before. The commission also lacks the power to reduce a punishment imposed on a certain cyclist. The commission consists of three individuals who, for the last 12 months have interviewed individuals who gave testimony against cyclists or other individuals directly or indirectly associated with cases of doping provided the person who testifies is kept anonymous. The commission will also make recommendations regarding additional measures to be taken for making sure that such incidents do not occur again.

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