25 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong Goes Off on Paul Kimmage – 2009 Tour of California”

  1. all you self righteous rude people who comment like this -he worked no
    matter what really hard, harder than most of us will ever work for success.
    And yes, he did what he did, now move on. I hope you people who cursed him
    will never ever in your life make a mistake and I hope you will never ever
    be hated and unforgiven. You don’t even know this man. Count your blessings
    and forgive him and focus on the good he did

  2. See his ego inflating as all those flashbulbs pop? All over now, Lancey
    boy. Proven as the complete fraud you are. Have fun on Oprah, you shitbag.

  3. For all those ripping on Armstrong. I don’t know why you hate him so much.
    As far as I see it he’s a man who has raised and donated millions of
    dollars to help fight cancer. Some say he’s a cheater. Well he may or may
    not have, but don’t fill forums with your bias shit about how he’s a liar.
    If you were a true, intelligent, American you’d believe in giving everyone
    a fair trail. Which means having SOLID evidence of them being guilty. I
    don’t see that here. Ignorant pricks with stupid opinions.

  4. Ah “You” as in Lance Armstong not “You” as in “Me”. I get you. I’m clearly
    a bit of a narcissist. It’s all about me.

  5. Fuck you! You IGNORANT, STUPID FUCK. Where do you get off? Fuck your
    paththetic life, and your tough words behind a screen. I doný give one tiny
    FUCK if he cheated. The whole damn feild did-and not just in the now grey
    event known as the tour de france-in every big event. I know you probably
    know nothing about cycling or are just a weak weekend warrior who goes out
    on sunday rides or rides with the bike ckub. By the way true loser only use
    the word “cunt” to insult people.

  6. Maybe you should stop taking bigot’s typical view and look at a different
    perspective of the story; during the times in which Lance Armstrong won the
    Tour 7-times, almost every competetive rider was taking drugs; not one of
    the winners of the Tour before 2001 were dop-free. Also, Alberto Contador
    has cheated severall times however I do not see the almost non-stopping
    spam of hateful message from people like you.

  7. And unfortunately you never deserved to sit on that chair either. Sad to
    wonder how many people around the world you’ve sickened by cheating for
    pure self greed & fulfilment. Even played the bully here yet sickening to
    use Cancer sufferers as a tool to manipulate what turned out to be a true
    point. Some people stand up for what they believe in, what is right and
    remember the bad shall always be conquered however long it takes. You
    deserve nothing, no pity. Just another selfish ego.

  8. Well, the cancer has been cut out, thanks to courageous people like Jeff
    Novitsky, Paul Kimmage and Travis Tygart who stuck to the truth regardless
    of the cost, and who have now been vindicated. But whether it has
    metastasized is yet to be seen. The current UCI leadership has to be
    removed and proper governance controls put in place. This systemic failure
    of governance within the sport is what has caused sponsors like Rabobank to
    run (not walk) from the sport.

  9. You’re right. Change the “He” to “I” and the lines become 1.34 “I do not
    believe I am guilty” 1.41 “I don’t feel like I’m guilty” “I don’t feel like
    I broke the rules” But you don’t hear “I didn’t take drugs” It sounds as if
    he has managed to convince himself that the doping was just something
    cyclists had to do… Plus given the Oprah interview, “Is it heroic now
    that he has confessed? Some would say so” line is interesting.

  10. What a narcissistic, arrogant son of a bitch. He ruined so many lives,
    destroyed careers, hid behind his cancer foundation so he would be
    untouchable. I hope he goes to jail for perjuring himself in front of a
    Federal Court, and I hope he gets all the lawsuits he deserves. The US
    Postal Service gave him over 30 million dollars of American Tax money!!!
    Another great example of how Tax dollars are spent.

  11. Paul Kimmage’s whole argument is why are you being supportive to dopers?
    (but of course not the ones that accused him.) It just makes no sense. You
    would think if he was mr. clean he would be happy that others were being
    called out. Everyone was doping but him…but dopers deserve forgiveness.
    Wow. This man truly is Jesus. Yuck. I’m a cancer survivor, I read his book
    in the hospital. I found it inspirational. Now I just want to throw it
    against the wall. I don’t trust liars.

  12. The only survivors he wanted to know were the huge rich ones! i met a lady
    one time that survived cancer and went to a convention of his she went to
    approach him and he ignored her and walked away from her, his pr person
    said it was because he does not like being too close to any person! unless
    of course they are rich and famous;-) and can do something for him, all
    charities are business and vast amounts of money are generated for many
    people to live lavish lifestyles;-) Money and Power= CANCER

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