Lance Armstrong is one of the former disgraced cyclists. He tried the fledgling sport in Austin Texas and made a very unwelcoming debut in a new sport. It was the ‘Beer Mile’ that he tried his hand at. In 1980s in the US the ‘Beer Mile’ originated. The competition was to drink a can full of beer ahead of each of the four laps for a running track of 400m.

Lance had tried to enhance his performance by using drugs during his career but he did not have alcohol on the list. Lance has won seven Tour De France titles. He also finished the New York city Marathon in less than three hours that too twice. Lance can no longer cycle as he has been banned for a lifetime from cycling. Sine Lance once had been accused and found taking PEDs, human growth hormone, testosterone throughout his career, all the victories were stripped away.

Lance recently decided to take on a new sporting challenge. He tried to qualify for the Flo Beer Mile World Championships which was being held in Austin, Texas. However, after Lance successfully downed the first can and completed the lap he soon dropped out of the event which was for qualifying. Lance after giving up exclaimed that this was not what he expected the event to turn out. He did not want to drop out early. Fellow competitors have said that they would love to see him again and that he was a competitor.

James Nielsen was the first competitor this year who ran the Beer Mile in less than five minutes. Not only that, he also set a record time of 4.57 in San Francisco, California.

The Flo Beer Mile championship is going to take place on December 3 in Austin.

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