Even though Lance might have retired, he still participates in different biking events.

The Ride to the Rockies that was held on June 12th saw him climbing a hill on the first day of the event. The first day of the riding event had a 50 mile ride that spanned the distance between Carbondale and Aspen. Lance Armstrong was found to be riding among the riders in a nonchalant manner. He pedaled with much ease and no pomp about his background. It was Lance and he remained aloof from the celebrity status that he has in the racing circuits internationally. He had earned about seven titles in Tour de France events before he was accused of doping and stripped of the titles and denied opportunities to race after that. He is now eager to begin his second act of professional cycling. During this first 50 mile ride he was interviewed when he talked about riding plans to the media.

One of the drawbacks is the cancer foundation that he started that has started to crumble since he had to admit to doping publicly. He has severed the ties that he had with the group with which he rode in 2012. He would probably not be part of the foundation any more, but he does send notes to people he knows who are fighting cancer. He is now looking to get back to local rides that are gradually removed from the international scene. The anti doping agency of US has banned him from taking part in international events in 2012. He gave a live interview with Oprah where he confessed to it in 2013.

He is also facing the fear of a civil lawsuit, which the federal government might put on him due to having been part of the US Postal Service team when they were funded by the federal government.

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