24 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong Cycling Hero”

  1. im sick of everyone going on about lance being a doper. NEVER TESTED POSITIVE people!!!!! no-one can accept that lance is a one-off. Its between him´╗┐ and Mercxx for the best cyclist ever but lance raced in my lifetime so i will go lance. LIVESTRONG

  2. the first one (that is also the last one ) is called Anima Libera of´╗┐ dj Provenzano,.,
    2nd song is Bad Boy by Cascada

  3. love the video and the music! awesome… i will download the music to ride tomorrow :D!!!´╗┐

  4. hes going to risk his life to raise money for charity by coming back to the tour to try and win again……head down a road at 60mph avoiding going of the road to ur death is risking your life.
    his cancer charity saves lives everyday. making him a HERO.
    lose ur´╗┐ Ego and negative attitude.
    i’m in the army… and killing some1(terrorist/insurgan) and risking my lie wouldnt make me feel like a hero…i think lance is a Hero. and the term hero can meen more than u think.

  5. I have little tolerance for using the word “HERO” for someone who did not risk his/her life in the service of a higher ideal. The term “HERO” used to mean someone who risked their health and life because of a higher cause for the others he/she may leave behind due to this act.

    There has to be a better word than HERO to describe someone who overcame obsticals, but didn’t risk their lives by their´╗┐ choice. Lance did not choose to become ill. The HERO is the one who actually risks their life.

  6. the name of the first song is Anima Libera (its free soul in italian)´╗┐ by dj Proveenzano =D

  7. Somebody could tell me what is the name of the first music please? ´╗┐ The song is really fun and the video great ! Armstrong is a legend !!!

  8. Man, I used a program called “masstube”, search for it at google, I think its only avaliable at brazilian sites! I’m from Brazil, hehehe. You just insert the link of the video and choose the format (since just mp3 to AVI) and download it.´╗┐

  9. Thank God!
    I almost lost this video!
    I got crazy when it were deleted, its my favorite bike video!´╗┐ Now I will download it.

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