25 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong before the 2009 Tour de France”

  1. All facts on the table. Not a single hater on here could win the tour no
    matter how much dope they used. You have to be great to be great. Dope or

  2. Cheater. Armstrong’s message = If your not a good enough athlete to win a
    title, just dope and cheat, then you will be…….. The worst of it is, he
    is a habitual liar and cheater and got ultra rich doing it…….

  3. LA said it ‘It’s a billion dollar industry’ in those few words he summed up
    his whole career in a microcosm, he didn’t love the sport, he miked the
    sport financially, he wasn’t alone in the complicity, Nike, Trek, Oakley,
    they all got their pound of flesh on the LA illusion.

  4. Armstrong still loved by American cyclists and cancer patients, I’m still a
    fan and follower

  5. You sure do like to throw around words like moron, stupid and intelligence,
    which only proves you are very insecure about your own intellect. But don’t
    be insecure Kenny, insecurity is for those who don’t know what they are and
    I can assure you you’re a fucking stupid ass with the intellect of a 6th
    grader in special ed. I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I
    can’t get my head that far up my ass. Your birth certificate is an apology
    from the condom factory. GGF! Loser…

  6. They’ve already said they aren’t giving his titles to anyone. And we dont
    know that he was “the best among equals”. He might just have had the best
    doctors and drugs program of the GC contenders, not the most talent.

  7. that would be cheating if he was riding a motorcycle but he pedaled his ass
    off. He won fairly 7 times

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