25 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong Alpe D’Huez 2001”

  1. @TheRelentlessRT 90% yes.
    When a big ass like him is able to climb with little riders, something wrong is on!

  2. I love how internet trolls like @u368 sit on these videos and accuse pro athlete, after pro athlete, of cheating. 1. Only jackasses with no real lives have time to post daily for three years. 2. They have no connection to pro sports, but love to pretend they do. 3. They are sad little trolls that get their jollies off of putting down people who are above them in society. What a pathetic existence!!

  3. @u368 “But we have the state of sport and cycling about PED indicating that HGH is/was commonly used by athletes” Used by athletes who have been proven to have doped- a positive drug test, drugs seized from team/athlete, by admission, or by some other conclusive means. Concluding that someone has committed a crime based on some rotten apples is delusional. If you are skeptical, that’s fine, but without legitimate proof, your ideas fall short as mere conspiracy theories.

  4. @u368 Well then that just means that Cavendish and Armstrong and every cyclist is guilty by association. Accusing and slandering riders who have yet to be shown to have committed malice is just poisonous. If a few accusations is proof enough that someone has committed a crime, then every trial would declare the defendent guilty- sort of like the Soviet system in 1930’s Russia. There is zero proof, other than outstanding performances, to link Cavendish to doping.

  5. @YiftertheShifter1 The dots are many, too much to believe he is clean, of course there is less dots than Armstrong. Is missing positive samples as we have for Lance. But we have the state of sport and cycling about PED indicating that HGH is/was commonly used by athletes. We have testimonies of athletes having confessed about that state. More important, police investigation like Festina, Puerto, Freiburg, Vienne or Italia have all confirmed those points.
    You should ve more real and stop dreams

  6. @u368 You keep telling yourself that. Your assumption is but that: an assumption. “Connect the dots”- the only “dots” is a larger-than-average jaw. That’s not proof beyond reasonable doubt- that’s not proof period. It just proves how easily you accept whatever accomodates your skeptical worldview of sports.

  7. @YiftertheShifter1 Ridiculous is to not connect the dots. My assumption is the most probable in a world of professional sport made of massive use of PED.

  8. @u368 I already looked into that, and that claim sounds so ridiculous. The man just has big teeth. There are plenty of other symptoms caused by HGH abuse, and you just so happened to point to a very common ailment. Like all your accusations, there are based on presumption and speculation, not real proof.

  9. @YiftertheShifter1 Cavendish has dental problems because his jaw is still growing despite being an adult. HGH effects bones and Cavendish has got one of the common HGH user : jaw is growing like his feet !
    Just google doping hgh jaw to learn more like : “growth hormones in adults cause severe bone deformities in the form of overgrowth of the lower jaw and extremities”

  10. @u368 So, that must mean that every athlete with dental problems must be on HGH. Crap! I needed still steel for almost seven years to consolidate my teeth, and they fell apart when the steel was taken out! Must be that HGH! Ah, the simplistic explanations :)))

  11. @Santana1765 exactly, santana is a failure in life so he compensates by criticizing succeses.

  12. From CyclingWeekly
    With the FDA investigation reportedly meeting with more cooperation than resistance Armstrong appeared to have lost his fight. His attempts to discredit Novitzky – his only tactic when it comes to his ‘enemies’ – looked ever more desperate, and his decision to come back to the sport ever more misguided.

  13. @Santana1765
    110 years old. And you call people ignorants?. Negativeness does not compensate failure.

  14. @u368
    You know so much about doping. What are you under???? Lance is many millions times better than you and I.
    Swallow your pain. It may help your regrets.

  15. @YiftertheShifter1 you are ignorant about HGH effect on jaws ! Is it normal to need still steel to consolidate his teeth.?
    Maybe you should read something about the side effects of PED.

  16. @u368 And if Novitzky doesn’t? Will that mean that you’ve lied? So you looked at Cavendish’s jaw and said that he was guilty? Hilarious! Just hilarious! I wish you could go public with your ideas, we could all get a good laugh.

  17. @YiftertheShifter1 Cavendish is doper too, you just have to have a look to his jaw !

    Soon you will get a big deception when Novitzky will put Lance on trial for PED trafficking, witnesses harassment and more.

  18. @u368 And you are the master of BS, speculation, libel, deception, trolling, nutjob conspiracy theories, debunked myths and lies. I know you wouldn’t be saying this stuff if Lance Armstrong was British. You’d probably say Cavendish was the master of doping if he was American, or better yet David Millar, who actually was caught. Well, enjoy, because I don’t think any Briton has ever won the Tour de France in its 100+ year history.

  19. @Santana1765 Lance knows that doping is legal in Spain, he left south of France when France criminalized doping !
    Lance is the master of doping.

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