Lance Armstrong’s participation in Le Tour Charity Ride ha led to the self-withdrawal of GB Cyclist Nicki Aitken. The Reading rider was the only female participant of the event.

The 36-year-old that she was compelled to withdraw herself from the charity ride when cancer survivor & ex-footballer Geoff Thomas informed of Armstrong’s inclusion in the race in France.

“Honestly, I did not wish to participate in something which is linked with the tainted-most man in cycling”, stated the GB cyclist.

The Le Tour charity ride is a great once-in-a-lifetime event which is scheduled to run a day prior to Tour de France to raise fund for charity organization Cure Leukaemia. Nicki was definitely elated to be a part of such an esteemed event but then again, it seems that she is a person of values & principles.

“My father taught us to battle for the things that we deeply believe in”, stressed Aitken.

“I love sport but I do not understand this mentality that one has to win by any means. Yes, some of the dug cheats do apologize & come back- yet I always that why did they commit it initially.”

It is not just taking of drugs & cheating, it is also that you have denied the clean athletes from winning during that very time period & you cannot ever give them back that very opportunity. It simply does not sit right. In fact, it takes away whole point of the sport. It simply implies drug companies contending against some drug companies.”

Nicki’s decision to withdraw from the Le Tour charity ride implies that she would be losing out on proving her worth in one among the hardest of challenges in this sport. Most importantly, her inclusion in the race as sole woman contender had been revered as especially significant.

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