23 thoughts on “Eddy Merckx has a message for Lance Armstrong (Tour de France 2010)”

  1. @Bouchaneusmc you are the one who has to get real here, testing is done but he has lots of money to bribe the corrupt UCI, don’t believe me think about that positive test for EPO in ’99, and he’s American also so it’s impossible to be surprised that he’s doping, oh and almost forgot remember landis’s testimony?

  2. Peds have been part of virtually every era of cycling and few in the sport are pure. The constant ripping on Lance is old and played out. He certainly has his foibles like we all do but without serious proof its not worth so much emotional energy. It just seems like Lance rents alot of space in peoples heads that feel there was a time when the sport was “pure” when it never really was.

  3. @Margaux177 Considering he has been tested more than any other athlete I’m going to have to disagree. The guy has done a great cause for not only cycling but also livestrong and its cancer research funding…
    There is a commercial that he is in “”the critics want to know what I am on!?””
    “”I will tell you what I’m on, My bike for 8 hours a day””. You think doping is easily “”blind eyed”” in cycling. Well not anymore. So get real.

    What have you done? not 7 wins and countless inspirations

  4. Eddy u grand champion un grand monsieur du tour de France son nom est grave a jamais comme anquetil bobet ect…

  5. The sport of cycling it is not the same anymore. Steroids damage a beautiful sport, one of the most for not to say the most challenging sport for a human being in the world. I feel sorry for the real cyclist’s outhere that cannot have what they deserve. I hope one day they do.

  6. To me Eddie have the real 5 tour d france overall wins. In the last decade or more we don’t know who’s doping and who’s not. I even doubt about Contador, Shleck, Lance of course, I mean about every dominant cyclist outhere.

  7. What is happening to you lance this year? You can’t even take the wheel of levi. He’s riding a lot better than you and in the past you make him look like a sissy. That makes me think about the Floyd landis statement about the use of steroids in the us postal team because he don’t talk only about you, he talked about all the team including himself. To me you are not to old, to me you don’t have the fucking blood cell booster anymore. Fuck the scientist or all the scientists that create the fucki

  8. The Best . The godfather of cycling .Eddy Mercky always and forever our N° 1.
    Hope lance gets N° 8 at Paris .Good luck Boss.

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