Famous actor Robin Williams’ demise has not only casted a dark shadow in the movie zone but the sportsworld too is deeply lamenting the actor’s untimely death. Lance Armstrong is one of the most high-profile figures from the sports scene who has expressed deep grief on Williams’ shocking demise.

Not many know, but actually Armstrong and the famous comedian were actually great buddies and it’s only natural that the iconic cyclist would be heartbroken after the tragic news broke out today.

The much-adored actor has always been a huge support for Armstrong and used to spend days in Austin in support of his cyclist friend and his Livestrong Foundation. In fact, the actor & rider were found biking together in many occasions. Williams’ also attended Tour France competitions to cheer his friend while he was competing in the world’s most prestigious cycling competition.

Williams’ was a huge aide for Armstrong in his charity works for his cancer charity foundation Livestrong. Added to his great contributions for Livestrong, the actor saddled up with the biker to entertain the American troops serving across Afghanistan. As per the reports, both of them celebrated the Christmas together with the soldiers in 2010.

Williams’ has always spoken highly whenever asked about his biker friend. Extremely proud of Lance’s Livestrong foundation, he had been Armstrong’s staunch supporters amidst all accusations of the biker’s reliance on performance enhancers. The great actor was often spotted with Armstrong during Livestrong fundraisers.

“RIP Robin”, Lance tweeted after receiving the unfortunate news of the demise of his long-time buddy. “I would remember you as a great friend always. I adore you & would miss you badly.”

“Deeply saddened to know the demise of Williams”, read the Facebook page of Livestrong Foundation.

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