Lance Armstrong The Ridiculous Saga

It was over five years ago when Lance Armstrong the famous cyclist facing charges of doping went on Oprah, looked her in the eye, and confessed to the world that his exemplary comeback story was fueled by the most comprehensive doping regimen in the history of cycling. Armstrong, who is a seven time winner of Tour de France and also a cancer survivor had spent all his career confidently denying that he had ever dropped, going so far as to shoot bold commercials about how clean he was and shouting down his attackers in public. Armstrong was a champion, and the one who had succeeded in making Americans to care about a cycling sport simply because he was so unapologetic and so dominant in his mastery of it. And then there he was, seen on the nation’s biggest talk show, where he confessed in public that he had deceived everyone.

Until yesterday, the athlete was all set to go on trial against the federal government. The trail was that, if he had lost it, he would have been on the hook for a penalty of nearly $97 million dollars. This is the amount that he made as a professional cyclist, while representing the United States Postal Service (USPS). It has been years since Armstrong was world’s one of the most popular athletes, but that court case had hung on his head for eight years. As grandiose and stupid as it sounds, he was on trial for the crime of misleading his country. It is no exaggeration of things to say that finding him guilty would have ruined him.
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Revenue Of Livestrong Slow Down Reports Says

A charity of high-profile ‘The Livestrong Foundation’, that has seen harder time after the downfall of its founder Lance Armstrong, again saw a drop in revenue in 2015, this is third-straight year in which organization has seen the decline of double-digits.

The nonprofit Austin-based cancer patients, supporting charity organization recorded the revenue of $6.2 million that year, compared to $16.6 million in 2014, and the contributions were $3.7 million, compared with year before $11.9 million, the news has come now to the public because reports of the Associated Press citing federal tax records have become available just now.

About this the president of Livestrong Greg Lee told the AP that the finances of the foundation are healthy — till date the donations are up and the organization has the net assets of $73 million approximately, having the cash stocked before the rider’s fall from grace.

He further added that,” There is no impact on patients who are taking benefit from the charity organization and as a signature of the bounce of organization is, the organization received its first $1 million pledge last year of the decade.” Read More …


Posting a photo on the popular social media, Instagram on March 1, Lance Armstrong showed that the U.S. Postal Service who sponsored him some years back as a cyclist wants more than just US$100 million from him.

A US$100 million lawsuit against Lance Armstrong by the U.S. Postal Service will proceed to trial and the former professional cyclist had a lighthearted moment amidst the recent news.

Armstrong, a seven time champion of the Tour de France, before these titles were stripped went on to share a photo on Instagram showing that he was owing an additional $1.09 in postage costs to the Postal Service.

The 45-year old wrote an accompanying text to the picture, which read:

“That moment when you realize U.S. Postal Service wants $100 million plus a dollar and 9 cents from you.”

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After a long and drawn out journey of media outrage and public persecution, the former cycling superstar has revealed his best move.

Lance had asked the judge to throw out any and all counts of misconduct and malpractice against him.

n a 59-page document with 91 exhibits filed in federal court, Armstrong hopes to end the massive $100 million dollar lawsuit that the federal government filed against him. While this may be a long shot, if the motion is successful, the judge is bound to throw all existing counts against him out of court.

One of the cases against him was a suit that had accused his cycling team of tendering false claims to the postal service of the United States. The US postal service, had paid a total of $32 million dollars to help sponsor Armstrong’s team throughout the period of June 2000 to October 2004,which is said to be an amount that could be tripled to about $100 million under the false claims act.

“In the cold light of morning, the USPS sponsored a cycling team, received far more benefits from that sponsorship than anyone could have anticipated and therefore having no actual damages and no viable claims against Armstrong,” his argument had said. Read More …

Armstrong Completes Chain Gang Ride

The Michigan memorial ride saw over 700 cyclists taking part in the event to complete the race that was started by the Chain Gang.

This memorial ride was supported by none other than the ace cyclist Lance Armstrong. The Chain Gang was not able to complete the ride as it ended in a tragedy. Five of the cyclists of the Chain Gang were killed and four others were hospitalized after they were hit by a pickup truck.

To complete the unfinished race of the Chain Gang and to show their support to the riders, hundreds of cyclists had gathered at Kalamazoo in Michigan to finish the race. Among them was Lance Armstrong, the greatest cyclist of all times. He had traveled to Michigan to join other riders and extend his support to the China Gang. He picked up the microphone and addressed the huge gathering of cyclists at the event.

Armstrong said that he understands that many of the people would have had a brush of two from a passing car while riding their bike. It is really scary when you find any vehicle come close to you while biking. Everyone is aware of that close feeling, but no one would have known the Chain Gang incident to happen. This is a very tragic accident and one that has caused pain to him. There have been many tragedies and incidents that have happened over the years, but nothing has been as severe as this. Armstrong said that he was pained by the incident and this was his novel way of extending support to the Chain Gang by taking part in the completion of the Chain Gang race.

The driver of the pickup truck, Charles Pickett Jr., has been arrested after he had fled initially. He has been charged with five counts of murder.

Lance Armstrong Gets Back To Local Races

Even though Lance might have retired, he still participates in different biking events.

The Ride to the Rockies that was held on June 12th saw him climbing a hill on the first day of the event. The first day of the riding event had a 50 mile ride that spanned the distance between Carbondale and Aspen. Lance Armstrong was found to be riding among the riders in a nonchalant manner. He pedaled with much ease and no pomp about his background. It was Lance and he remained aloof from the celebrity status that he has in the racing circuits internationally. He had earned about seven titles in Tour de France events before he was accused of doping and stripped of the titles and denied opportunities to race after that. He is now eager to begin his second act of professional cycling. During this first 50 mile ride he was interviewed when he talked about riding plans to the media. Read More …

Fabian Cancellara’s last race at Flanders

On Sunday, Fabian Cancellara raced his last Tour of Flanders aboard a very special Trek Domane SLR.

The recently declared Domane SLR sports 2 radically new technologies — front IsoSpeed as well as adaptable rear IsoSpeed — and Fabian’s race bike also has a few 3D graphics lionizing his achievements at the biggest race in Belgium.
Fabian has been more than instrumental in the establishment of the Domane line of bikes from the start, working with Trek on testing models, riding instrumentated bikes, offering feedback and of course hands down bearing as a marketing icon for the survival machine.
On the day after Tour of Flanders, where he placed 2nd to Peter Sagan, Fabian told that his wife would not like when he tells that this is the 3rd baby, the Domane. Fabian first raced the bike at Strade Bianche that he won for the 3rd time. Even though a lot of people noticed the new bike, neither Trek nor Cancellara would speak regarding this till the day after Tour of Flanders at the bike’s official introduction in Kortrijk, Belgium.
There are two remarkable and new technologies on the Domane SLR. 1, rear IsoSpeed — it was first brought in with original Domane where the seat tube twists on a pivot at top tube/chainstay colligation — is now changeable in their range of flex. The divide seat tube has an adaption tab which slides up and down, changing the abidance features from Madone-like hardness to more plush than the present Domane. To deal with this, one loosen the bottle cage bolt, conform the slider, then fasten the bolt.

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GB Cyclist Withdraws From Le Tour Charity Ride As Armstrong Participates

Lance Armstrong’s participation in Le Tour Charity Ride ha led to the self-withdrawal of GB Cyclist Nicki Aitken. The Reading rider was the only female participant of the event.

The 36-year-old that she was compelled to withdraw herself from the charity ride when cancer survivor & ex-footballer Geoff Thomas informed of Armstrong’s inclusion in the race in France.

“Honestly, I did not wish to participate in something which is linked with the tainted-most man in cycling”, stated the GB cyclist.

The Le Tour charity ride is a great once-in-a-lifetime event which is scheduled to run a day prior to Tour de France to raise fund for charity organization Cure Leukaemia. Nicki was definitely elated to be a part of such an esteemed event but then again, it seems that she is a person of values & principles.

“My father taught us to battle for the things that we deeply believe in”, stressed Aitken.

“I love sport but I do not understand this mentality that one has to win by any means. Yes, some of the dug cheats do apologize & come back- yet I always that why did they commit it initially.” Read More …